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The Schneekopf near Gehlberg in the Thuringian Ilm circle is at 978 m above sea level. NHN to the neighboring Grosse Beerberg (983 m) - the intermediate saddle eagle is only 59.4 m lower than the two peaks - the second highest elevation of the Thuringian Forest.


The Rennsteiggarten Oberhof is a botanical garden for mountain flora on the Rennsteig near Oberhof in the Thuringian Forest.
On a seven hectare area, the garden shows almost 4,000 different plant species from the mountains of Europe, Asia, North and South America, New Zealand and the Arctic region.

Baumkronenpfad Hainich

The Baumkronenpfad Hainich is the second longest and tallest tree crown trail in Germany. It was opened as a second Baumkronen path of Germany on 26 August 2005 and is located near the Forsthaus Thiemsburg in the Hainich forest of the same name, about ten kilometers west of the spa town of Bad Langensalza.


Erfurt is the largest city in Thuringia. The most important institutions are the Federal Labor Court, the University and the Fachhochschule Erfurt, as well as the Catholic Diocese of Erfurt, whose cathedral is the Erfurt Cathedral, which, in addition to the Krämerbrücke, is one of the main attractions of the city. In addition, the city has an almost three square kilometer-sized medieval town center with about 25 parish churches and numerous half-timbered houses and town houses.

 Goethe und Schiller Denkmal

In addition to the traditions of Weimar classicism around Wieland, Goethe, Herder and Schiller, the Bauhaus and the National Assembly of 1919, from which the name of the Weimar Republic derives. The "classical Weimar" was declared a World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO in December 1998.


Gotha is the fifth largest city in the Free State of Thuringia and the county town of Gotha. From 1640 to 1918, Gotha was the capital and seat of the duchy of Saxony-Gotha. In 1820 the German insurance industry was established in Gotha with the city. The city was a center of German publishing.


Eisenach is famous for its Wartburg castle, which is part of the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage and was the seat of the Landgraves of Thuringia in the Middle Ages. Martin Luther translated the New Testament from Greek into German. In 1817 there was the Wartburgfest, one of the most important events of the Vormarz. Unofficially, the city bears the nickname Wartburgstadt.


Oberhof is situated at the edge of the Thuringian Forest at about 815 m above sea level. NN near the Rennsteig and is known as a German winter sports center. Particularly popular here are the sports biathlon, racing bobsleigh and bobsleigh, cross-country skiing and the nordic combination. The city lives by tourism.